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Renewable energy for your heat needs in steam and cooling 

Solar thermal energy up to 160°C heat and steam at 8 bar

Reduce your energy costs

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Protection from rising prices

Strengthen your brand

Our engagement

Solar heat, steam and cooling for sustainable industries

“Heat is Half”, heat represents half of the total energy consumption in the world. And when it comes to industries, heat accounts for about 72% of energy demand. Thus, to achieve the “Zero net carbon emission” objective of the United Nations by 2050, it is essential to act on the heat production process.

It is to be in accordance with these objectives that Planet Soar offers its thermal solar solution. 

Solar thermal energy is the ideal energy source for a wide range of industrial applications.

By supplying heat, steam and cooling to your processes with our technology, you can reduce existing heating costs, prevent CO2 emissions and ensure the energy security of your industry, in order to gradually remove the dependence on fossil fuels. 

The energy savings achieved

1 MW (2,000 m2) of T160 produces heat equivalent to an annual saving of:


DNI = 2000 kWh/m2
Operating temperature = 100°C


Our technology

The best solar concentrator in the world

Based on more than 20 years of research, the Absolicon T160 has the highest optical efficiency on the market for small parabolic sensors, i.e. 76.6%.

A certified technology

The Absolicon T160 collector has obtained numerous certifications attesting to the advertised performance but also to its resistance. 

Designed for industrial processes

With an operational temperature of up to 160°C, the heat produced can be integrated in multiple ways into industrial and district heating systems.

Innovative technology

Tracking  system, ease to assembly, capable of producing hot water, steam and cooling... the Absolicon T160 is a solution for your production processes.

Designed for industrial processes 

Integrating solar heat has never been easier

Solar heat can be easily integrated at several points in the existing heating system. The technology can also be used as a preheating step for higher temperature processes, further expanding the scope of possibilities.

Absolicon References all over the world

Simulate your installation


Calculate your savings

Converting to solar energy is a long-term investment.

With this simulator, you can now design your future T160 solar collector field according to your energy demand, estimate your energy savings and calculate the cost reductions of your transition to renewable heat.

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