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The Planet Soar ecosystem

Planet Soar is an energy transition accelerator specializing in solar solutions.

We are committed to all those who work for sustainable development and promote the energy transition. Present in two main markets, Europe and Africa, Planet Soar's expertise revolves around two areas: solar thermal and photovoltaic.

Planet Soar and its partner Absolicon have over 15 years of experience in infrastructure deployment. 

Planet Soar Heat intervenes in a context of re-industrialization and decarbonization of industrial processes in France, Europe and Africa. Also in an economic context of revival of the economy, and the search for sovereignty of our energy sources, by renewable energies. Production in France  and use of local suppliers. Planet Soar brings a production line of T160 thermal solar collectors, necessary for the decarbonization. At Planet Soar, we acknowledge that we must integrate our business value and operations to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, regulation, investors, suppliers, community and the environment


Your collectors made in France

Planet Soar will bring a production line for solar thermal collectors, the T160, to the Hauts-de-France region. This production line consists of a robotized line for the manufacture of the T160 solar thermal collector. The surface of the factory would be at least 5000 m², with a production area of 2500 m².


These high performance collectors are necessary for the decarbonization of industrial processes. This project will also solve the problem of raw material supply, all of them will be supplied in France and our solar collector requires only extremely low quantities of critical minerals per MW of heat production, which makes it an adequate solution to accelerate the energy transition.

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Planet Soar supports your company in its energy transition but also boosts the economy.

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Planet Soar in Botswana / SADC

Planet Soar is also present and developing its activity in the SADC region. 

Planet Soar offers Africa a sustainable solution for heat production. Not only will it contribute to the energy transition to renewable sources, but it will help economic development by reducing costs, sharing knowledge and creating jobs in the region.

Planet Soar will increase its market share and bring a production line to Botswana, to distribute the T160 throughout the SADC region.

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