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Planet Soar signs its Framework Agreement with Absolicon

The French company Planet Soar and the Swedish company Absolicon, signed in 2020 a framework contract for the construction of a T160 solar thermal collector factory on the French territory. With the signature of this contract, Planet Soar starts its activity in solar thermal by becoming the exclusive reseller of the technology on the French territory.

Since then, Planet Soar has continued to develop its Planet Soar Heat activity by accumulating partners, customers and financial funds. Thus, only two years after the signature of this contract, and despite unprecedented disruptions in the company (COVID 19 pandemic), Planet Soar should announce very soon the start of the works of its production plant in the North of France region.

Absolicon, a quality partner

Founded in 2005 as an R&D company in the field of renewable technologies, Absolicon has grown over the years into a commercial company with partners around the world. To date, Absolicon has more than a decade of operational experience and over 6,000 square meters of floor space in 20 facilities around the world.

"We are on a mission to lead the change to a sustainable energy supply for our planet."

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